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KnoNap lets you know the contents of your drink before consumption. 

Founder's Story

No one should have to worry about having their drink laced. This became the inspiration of KnoNap's founder, Danya Sherman, after the summer of 2016.

While studying abroad, Danya decided to host a get-together in her room for some of her international friends. However, on the night of the party, only her closest friend attended. After a few drinks, she began to feel weak and tired. While she can't remember much from that night, she later realized that she had been drugged and had her trust betrayed. 

It was only upon returning home and sharing her story with close friends that she realized she was not alone. Not content with being taken advantage of, she sought closure by creating a means to empower other women and men to be safer in social settings. Through KnoNap, Danya is working to combat the rising prevalence of sexual assaults that are facilitated by date rape drugs. She also works to educate students and adults on tactics to improve their personal safety in the face of this growing, international epidemic. 

Everyone deserves to know what is in their drink. With, KnoNap, this is possible.  

KnoNap, the Napkin that Knows. 

"I was traveling throughout Latin America last year when I stopped at a bar at night. Fortunately, I was with one of my friends but my drink was laced and I am still not able to remember what happened that night. I can only imagine what would have happened if I didn't have my friend to help me get back to the hotel."

Jenny, 35

Director of High Fives, Apple

"I went to a frat party on campus the second week of freshman year. I only drank one drink the whole night but it was really hard for me to walk and I felt so sick for the entire weekend. I know something was put in my drink."

Elizabeth, 20

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"I was out drinking with my friends in London when some guy brought over a tray of drinks for me and my friends. We each grabbed a glass and started drinking. It couldn't have been 15 minutes until I started to feel nauseous. It was at that point I excused myself to the bathroom. All I recall from that night was I got back to the hotel without my wallet."

Tim, 22

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

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