product features

KnoNaps are designed with the end user experience in mind. We want anyone to be able to use them, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and geographic location because everyone deserves to know what is in their drink. 

With KnoNap, this is possible. 



When creating a detection device for rape drugs, we wanted the tool to be: discreet, portable, gender-inclusive, and something that could be incorporated into any social setting. 

After A LOT of market research, we found that a majority of social settings had three commonalities: college and dating aged individuals, beverages, and napkins. 

That is how we came up with the concept of KnoNap, the napkin that knows. 

Gender Inclusivity 

Anyone can be affected by drug facilitated assault and drug facilitated monetary exploitation, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

We believe everyone should be able to utilize empowerment tools to promote personal safety. To this end, we have worked to ensure that all products and curriculum is inclusive. 


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The issue of drug facilitated assault is NOT geographically isolated. It can affect anyone, anywhere, including while studying abroad, traveling internationally and domestically, drinking at the neighborhood bar, or socializing at college parties. 

KnoNap works with social institutions, as well as directly with the public, to ensure that KnoNaps  are accessible to everyone, regardless of the social setting.